Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 down, 1 to go!

Last night was the fashion show for ExplodeLaMode. I had 6 models and I think they all did an awesome job. On the way to the show from hair/make up, there were 6 of us crammed in my car. With our big hair, we kind of looked like a scene from a John Waters movie. Too bad no one got a photo. Hopefully some photos will surface soon, I was backstage during the show. I also got pre-press for the show and didn't even know it. (that is how busy I have been!)
Portland Mercury - Sold out!

The Art Institute of Portland asked Sarah of Lucia and I do to the Rock the Runways show as alumni of the school. That show is next weekend. I'm pretty excited for that, and we will both be showing 10 looks.

Other then that I have just been sewing like mad crazy. I have 2 fall styles delivered Lucia, and soon to Pin Me and Moxie.

Hopefully I'll have some photos soon. Our studio space is almost 100% complete. I have been waiting to post before and after photos of that. We are 98% done.