Sunday, May 25, 2008

Busy as usual....

Really I can't even thing of a time where I haven't been busy. It's nice to relax, but I'm usually having the most fun, so being busy is just fine with me.

Right now all of my spring/summer items are in the 2 stores I sell at, Pin Me Apparel and Lucia Apparel. If you are in the Portland area, please check them out.

Here are the photos of some garments on my rack, freshly steamed and tagged, read to go to the stores. This stage is always my favorite, or where I feel the most proud.

Last Sunday I spent the day (with many others) helping my very talented friend, Sarah Wallace, get her store ready to open. She had been working on the space for weeks, and it was finally the exciting time to set up all of the fixtures, get the garments ready, and arrange the store. Here is what it looked like around 9:00 am:

There were a total of 9 tote bins of clothing. You would be amazed how many garments you can get into one of those bins.

Around 2:00pm, mannequin dress up time:


I guess I was pretty tired, since this was the only photo I took of the after

Here is the sign from the street, and one of my tops in the window:

In other news, the fabric I ordered in Las Vegas arrived. However, the spring/summer items I had ordered were all out of stock. I took this as a sign to get a jump start on the fall/winter items. (and a much needed break for myself). Last night I sewed up the first of my prototypes, a plaid sweater. It looks great, and makes me wish it were fall now, so I could wear it. I can't wait to start production sewing, I just love sewing knits. I am also going to do 2 jackets in the line, a new challenge for me.

I would also like to show off the newest member of my sewing machine family. I got this one to live in my house, not my workspace. Since it is very compact, and of course beautiful. If I have not already mentioned, I do not like new sewing machines. Why buy plastic when you can have a solid machine? I rescued this baby off of and had it tuned up for half the cost of a cheap new machine, plus it came with the cute period desk and stool. I'm in love.

As mentioned before, Muku and Mr. B are available for modeling.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally! Some photos....

Last week I did a shoot with my lovely friend Nina and photographer Tyson Robichard. I have a few items ready to go to shops, and that is what we shot. We used my apartment as the location, since it was easy, and when we shoot the rest of the stuff, the setting will be the same. So here is what I have been working on. I will be taking the first delivery to Pin Me Apparel Tuesday evening, so items will be for sale this week. Yeah!!

One of my cats, Muku, makes his modeling debut. He's available for booking. Ha ha.