Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 into 2013

When I look back at this year, I'm kinda like HOLY SHIT. It was good. It was crazy, and I love my life. The things that happen on a daily basis are better than anything I could read in any book or watch in any movie.

While I do a lot professionally, some of the things that I am the most proud of are the contributions to the animal rescue community. This year my husband and I have fostered 4 different dogs with Hopes Haven, I have aided with animal rescue transport, and been voted onto the board of the Newberg Animal Shelter Friends and worked on a few fundraisers. I look forward to the contributions that I can make in the next year and in the following.

While I have volunteered over the last decade in several different organizations and capcites with animals, it's this little dog that really lit the fire under my ass again.
This photo was taken by me in May of 2011 in Sri Lanka. I was visiting for my day job.

*Complete and total sidebar. Yes, I have a day job. No, I do not talk about it here, as my personal opinions on things a lot of times clash with what are "industry standards". I believe in myself and what I do with my dresses, but it does not pay the rent at this point.*

Back to the animals. I saw this scared and hurt little lady dog. What you don't see is that the underside of her was bleeding and it looked as though she had been in a fight and bitten a lot. I got her to almost approach me, when the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of fucking bricks. I am in a foreign country, I am in an EPZ zone (see above * and google it), there are 1 MILLION street dogs in Sri Lanka. So I stood up, almost in tears, getting the stink eye from the former co-workers I was traveling with for stopping. Of course a million insane ideas were going through my head of smuggling her to the vet, sneaking her on an airplane, maxing out a credit card to get her to my house.

What I did do was look up the rescue organization Embark. This year when I visited Sri Lanka again I had the pleasure of meeting one of the ladies behind Embark, and hearing of their mission. It was so inspiring to learn of the huge problem with sick, malnourshed, and basically feral dogs the country faces, and the amazing efforts being made to change the image of dogs with the public and help them.

This has HUGELY encouraged me to be the voice in my community. To help where I can, and use my networking skills to the best of my ability. It's not always easy, but knowing that I am doing all I can is the most rewarding thing.

Ok, past all this heavy shit. This year has been UNREAL. I switched day jobs this August. It just kind of happened and I am SO glad that I did, and it's nice to not be embarrassed of the name on your paycheck. I also know the almost 3 years I was there were an excellent learning experience and helped me make some huge positive life changes.

I got a sales rep for my clothing line.

I moved into a bigger studio.

I realized while I love old cars dearly, I'm an old lady and want a stereo and reliable heating. I'm glad I've been able to own another true piece of American Detriot made machinery, but I'd rather give the money I'd put into fixing it up to helping homeless animals.

Next year my goals are simple. Keep on with all the things I've started, but re-prioritize one very important thing.  Taking care of myself. A friend and I have joined a gym. I'm scared shitless of going back to physical therapy, and I realize I didn't get this way in a day. Making time to do something like go to the gym 2x a week is hard for me. As dumb as that sounds.

So that is my resolution. Take care of myself. Be a friend to the animals. Make the pretty. And of course keep up with all of the amazing people that I have the honor of knowing.

Best wishes for 2013, I can't wait, and I don't want to miss a thing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

S/S '13 Teaser!

You know you have some REALLY good pals if they will do an outdoor photo shoot with you in December in Oregon at night, and in spring dresses.

I just got the teaser from Sarah Giffrow. I may pee my pants when I see the rest of them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bah humbug

I think this is the first year ever on record that I am SO not in the holiday spirit. I see Christmas lights and still think pretty, but I am so not into being festive.

I think I'm gonna sit this year out.

So this pretty much sums up my mood: