Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy weekend

I have been a bit of a slacker on posting things. I have been super busy with Spring sampling and getting everything ready for Sweet F.A. I am SO excited for that tomorrow night. It is the best fashion show in PDX if not EVER. This is the 5th year I have participated in it. Which makes me feel both proud and a bit old. Ha ha. I also gave my models some props. I hope they make it into the show choreography and look cool. It's a secret what they are.

On Sunday I have my photo shoot for Spring. I'm really excited about it. I am going with simpler backgrounds. I have a hard time with Spring, since I am not really much of a fan of pastels, nor fond of spring time. But I am pretty happy with what I have put together, and love the fabrics.

In 2 weeks I am going to the Seattle fabric show. My goal is to find some good sweater knits for fall. Some of my favorite jobbers will be there, which is letting me not need to go to Vegas this year.