Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 into 2013

When I look back at this year, I'm kinda like HOLY SHIT. It was good. It was crazy, and I love my life. The things that happen on a daily basis are better than anything I could read in any book or watch in any movie.

While I do a lot professionally, some of the things that I am the most proud of are the contributions to the animal rescue community. This year my husband and I have fostered 4 different dogs with Hopes Haven, I have aided with animal rescue transport, and been voted onto the board of the Newberg Animal Shelter Friends and worked on a few fundraisers. I look forward to the contributions that I can make in the next year and in the following.

While I have volunteered over the last decade in several different organizations and capcites with animals, it's this little dog that really lit the fire under my ass again.
This photo was taken by me in May of 2011 in Sri Lanka. I was visiting for my day job.

*Complete and total sidebar. Yes, I have a day job. No, I do not talk about it here, as my personal opinions on things a lot of times clash with what are "industry standards". I believe in myself and what I do with my dresses, but it does not pay the rent at this point.*

Back to the animals. I saw this scared and hurt little lady dog. What you don't see is that the underside of her was bleeding and it looked as though she had been in a fight and bitten a lot. I got her to almost approach me, when the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of fucking bricks. I am in a foreign country, I am in an EPZ zone (see above * and google it), there are 1 MILLION street dogs in Sri Lanka. So I stood up, almost in tears, getting the stink eye from the former co-workers I was traveling with for stopping. Of course a million insane ideas were going through my head of smuggling her to the vet, sneaking her on an airplane, maxing out a credit card to get her to my house.

What I did do was look up the rescue organization Embark. This year when I visited Sri Lanka again I had the pleasure of meeting one of the ladies behind Embark, and hearing of their mission. It was so inspiring to learn of the huge problem with sick, malnourshed, and basically feral dogs the country faces, and the amazing efforts being made to change the image of dogs with the public and help them.

This has HUGELY encouraged me to be the voice in my community. To help where I can, and use my networking skills to the best of my ability. It's not always easy, but knowing that I am doing all I can is the most rewarding thing.

Ok, past all this heavy shit. This year has been UNREAL. I switched day jobs this August. It just kind of happened and I am SO glad that I did, and it's nice to not be embarrassed of the name on your paycheck. I also know the almost 3 years I was there were an excellent learning experience and helped me make some huge positive life changes.

I got a sales rep for my clothing line.

I moved into a bigger studio.

I realized while I love old cars dearly, I'm an old lady and want a stereo and reliable heating. I'm glad I've been able to own another true piece of American Detriot made machinery, but I'd rather give the money I'd put into fixing it up to helping homeless animals.

Next year my goals are simple. Keep on with all the things I've started, but re-prioritize one very important thing.  Taking care of myself. A friend and I have joined a gym. I'm scared shitless of going back to physical therapy, and I realize I didn't get this way in a day. Making time to do something like go to the gym 2x a week is hard for me. As dumb as that sounds.

So that is my resolution. Take care of myself. Be a friend to the animals. Make the pretty. And of course keep up with all of the amazing people that I have the honor of knowing.

Best wishes for 2013, I can't wait, and I don't want to miss a thing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

S/S '13 Teaser!

You know you have some REALLY good pals if they will do an outdoor photo shoot with you in December in Oregon at night, and in spring dresses.

I just got the teaser from Sarah Giffrow. I may pee my pants when I see the rest of them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bah humbug

I think this is the first year ever on record that I am SO not in the holiday spirit. I see Christmas lights and still think pretty, but I am so not into being festive.

I think I'm gonna sit this year out.

So this pretty much sums up my mood:

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DoveAdore Featuring Boutiques Unleased

As always I'm behind on blogging. These are some photos I am EXCITED about.

My own little guy Max made his runway debut at this years Dove Lewis benefit show. He's a senior little fellow that we rescued from wonderful second chance dog rescue Hopes Haven about a year and a half ago. Actually he's a "foster failure", a foster dog that you end up keeping. I think we told them he was ours just a few days into it because I fell madly in love with his sweet little face.

 Backstage, in the green room (above) and during rehearsal (below).

The only thing I was bummed about the show, was the lack of close ups of the doggie outfits. Not only did I dress Max, but another adorable terrier named Timmy. Here is is walking with one of my holiday dresses.

Here are Max and Sarah Giffrow on the runway!
 Max was super popular and had a TON of admirers as we exited the building. Almost everyone stopped to pet him. 
He was so tired the next day this was pretty much is only pose.
And in complete randomness, here is me giving Rojo, the pet therapy llama a carrot. If you didn't know I actually grew up on a llama farm. So it's always nice to see one now and again.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The loudest thing you can do with money

The loudest thing you can do with money, is to speak with your dollars.

Who are you giving your money to?

Where does that money go?

Who do is positivly affect?

Does it stay in your community?

Does it help your comunity?

Who made or grew what you are buying, and was it done ethically?

Is it only making the rich richer, while keeping the poor poorer?

I ask myself these things every single time my money and I are parted. I go out of my way to go to local stores that are involved with the community. I purchase local produce. I look in every thing that is not edible for country of origin.

I fully understand too that sometimes you have a selection of cheap crap and cheap crap. 3% of apparel sold in the USA is made in the USA.

This holiday season I urge you to think about what you are buying. There is a fantastic holiday event going on in Portland called Little Boxes. The community is so wonderful. 170 stores have banded together to promote this 2 day event 11/23 and 11/24, and have 90 prizes. Sounds better than a sharp elbow in the ribs around dessert time on Thanksgiving to get some cheap crap at a big box that will most likely break in a year.

Full list of stores here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friends & Family Sale

We have 317 garments.

So many we broke the rack.

Come early for best selection. 11-3. Saturday. Mimosas provided.

Sale! Do it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My what a busy month......

Halloween was awesome! I'm still trying to find some photos from the costume party at the Fez, but so far this is my favorite candid one at my friend Terra's Halloween party.
Yes I'm a pin cushion. And yes, Honey Boo Boo is next to me.

I love this time of year, but there has been SO much going on. 

Here is a write up of Fashion Speaks. I didn't sound like a crackhead. Bonus.

Here is what is coming up!

Friday 11/9
Dove Lewis benefit DoveAdore featureing Boutiques Unleashed. I LOVE this event. I have a few pals that work at Dove Lewis (though I hate to see them there, because it usually means I'm there with one of my brood), but I have to say I am sure glad they are there the times I have needed them. I'm showing two looks and Max, the cutest dog in the world, is making his runway debut at the ripe old age of 15! I am dressing two humans and 2 dogs. Both boys, so of course they will be wearing dog tuxedos.
Invite here:

Saturday 11/10
Not just a trunk show, but a Trunk Sioree at Rhapsody Boutique. Sahlia Jewelry Designs, Ms. Wood, Clair Vintage Inspired, Tarte, and Maple XO. Local fashion photographer Lavenda Memory will also be on hand. I'm super excited just to go hang out with all these awesome people!
Invite here:

Saturday 11/17
Friends and Family Studio Sale!!!!!! Clair Vintage Inspired, Hubris Apparel, Carolyn Hart Designs and Orange Exterior are all participating in this special one time sample sale event. Prices are so low we are not publishing them. Cash and cards accepted.Ger there early.

Friday & Saturday 11/23 & 11/24
I am not personally a part of this, but several stores that carry my line are! This holiday season SHOP LOCAL! Speak with your spending. I cannot believe how may stores are participating this year. Plus no sharp elbows at 4am with crazed shoppers holding lattes.

 All November
Also check out my pal Sarah Giffrows photo-making month. See it happen here:
She already snapped one up of my car:

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month which oddly enough ended up in my always accurate horoscope by Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezney:

Every November, thousands of writers participate in National Novel Writing Month. They pledge to compose at least 50,000 words of a new novel in that 30-day period. In accordance with the astrological omens, Aquarius, I propose that you commit yourself to a comparable project in your own field. Is there a potential masterpiece on which you could get a substantial amount of work done? Is there a major transformation you've long wanted to undertake but have always had some excuse to avoid? I predict that you will attract unexpected help and luck if you summon the willpower to focus on that task.  

On that note, back to my world domination plans. Because they're on.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween is almost here!

If you know me at all, you know I'm a little beyond obsessed with Halloween. Of course I've decorated everywhere I possibly can and am SUPER excited to make my costume.

I'm also judging the costume contest at the Fez on Friday the 26th! Stay tuned for details, but it's going to be awesome.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Thursday: Fashion Speaks: Design Week Portland

It's this Thursday. I hope to see you there.

And I promise not to say "like" and "dude" too much.

Fashion Speaks

Carolyn Hart and Lizz Basinger will be on the panel with me, hosted by Cassie Ridgeway of Mag Big.

We'll be talking about what it's like to make clothing in Portland. It's not as glamorous as it may sound. It involves a lot being covered in thread, talking to yourself, finding pins in strange places, thinking nested patterns are pretty, and giggling.

My life is rad.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving Studios

So exciting news! Carolyn and I have upgraded our studio space and added another pal, Rita from Hubris Apparel.

Sunday before last was painting day in the new space. We had a black wall to cover and then some floor painting to do. (previous was a white floor, YUCK).
 Our landlord is SUPER awesome and made us a pretty picture of how the layout could look.

My Dad, Jann and Rita got all the pallet racking in on Wednesday and we had to move the racking around since there was a pesky pipe in the way above the proposed wall.

Here's me and Carolyn doing our Glamor Shots poses in front of our cut table. Which now looks TINY!

The pallet racking kind of looks like our new jungle gym.

Then the boys helped move the machines and re-hang our shelves.
(sorry for the blur, I was trying to be covert as they do not like their photos taken.)

More photos to come. It's still kind of a mess, but it will be super pretty soon!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Clair Vintage Inpsired at S.W.A.G. Seattle this weekend.

That's right! Our lovely sales rep Alisa Sloan of Cabana Reps will be there in booth S-46 at the Pacific Market Center starting on Sunday. Come see my Spring / Summer pretties, along with all of the other fantastic Portland lines. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trunk show this Friday!

YAY! Come to Union Rose  between 6 and 9 for pretty dresses, pretty jewels from Moss and Halloween candy.

Also, enter the raffle to win the perfect holiday outfit. A Clair Vintage Inspired dress and a pair of Moss earrings.

See you Friday.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Design Week Portland

What is this you may ask? I'm not 100% sure myself, aside from the fact that I'll be blabbering about making dresses in Portland.

Catch me, Carolyn Hart, and Lizz Basinger - all makers of clothing in Portland, at the Hazel Room on October 11th. Cassie Ridgeway of Mag Big is our moderator and question asker.

Cost: FREE. Sweet.


ALL THE GOINGS ON HERE. (and there are some really cool things all cheap and free!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I LOVE pictures

The only thing I like better than seeing people on the street wearing my clothes, is when they send me photos of them wearing my clothes. (you'd think after making clothing and selling it for like 8 years it would get old, but I still get excited!)

My friend Annick sent me this that she made after wearing her Unicorn dress today. I love it.

I had heard Nancy Hales (Portland Mayoral canidate Charlie Hales wife) had been shopping at Union Rose. Today she sent me the following photos of her wearing my dresses and told me the silk cowl floral was her favorite. Yay!
 Dawn Moothart (in a red Unicorn dress), amazing model Jillian Rabe, and Nancy Hales.
 Nancy Hales at the Brazilian textile meeting.
Nancy and Charlie Hales at the Elizabeth Cline event in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pink Carpet Project

I'm still so behind on blogging. It's gotten the point where I hardly have time to even make it to events. All good busy, but sleep is really getting pesky.

I was proud to particpate in the Pink Carpet Project - Portland.

Earlier this year when Komen pulled funding to Planned Parenthood I kind of lost my shit on them via several nasty letters, and was an active particpant in coating their facebook page with comments.  I will never participate in Race for the Cure again, and had been doing it for over a decade. I'm really glad that I did this event and got to hear firsthand from one of the models who works at an imaging place that provides women with mamograms with funds from Planned Parenthood, and how much it hurt them to pull that  funding. Also talking with several of the Planned Parenthood people about how much the show helped raise funds. Though the decision was reversed by Komen and funds have been restored, I won't participate with an organization that will let politics get in the way of women's health. And particularly those women who need the help the most.

This hits home as my grandmother died of breast cancer, my aunt is a strong double mastectomy survivor, and my mother, sister and I have all had (thankfully) benign lumps removed from our breasts.

Also I'd like to give a big F-YOU to cancer in general.

The show was the brainchild of Cameron Levin, and she put the event on in Seattle and then brought it down to Portland. It raised over $9,000 for Planned Parenhood and I'm so happy I could be a part of that!

Here are some runway shots from the show. I showed 5 looks from Spring/Summer '13. They were accompanied by lovely hat looks by my new friend Elizabeth Rolhoff.

Of course I have to put in the fun photobooth photos. (I'm getting to be a pro at this since there is one at damn near every party I got to. LOVE IT!)

And on the hunt for more photos I found this cute one of Eden Dawn, Elizabeth Mollo and myself.(and no I don't have a chest tattoo, it's a stick on one)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SP/SM '13 Teaser

We shot stock photos for the lookbook, and are going to do another fun webshoot with other local Portland ladies. Or entrepreneursesses as Sarah Giffrow likes to call them.

I can't resist showing just one image, and I am WAAAAY too excited about Spring dresses.



Thursday, August 30, 2012

I love Portland

I really really do. I came across this blog after a friend of mine was posted on it.

I know it's poking fun at PDX, but all of these photos are why I love living here.
 My favorite:

Also, this qualifies as only in PDX.

I missed this by about an hour on my way home.