Friday, October 21, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - Model : Seyta Selter

Seyta and I met over a patternmaking table in 2003. We've been pals ever since, though at times we don't see each other more than a few times a year. (very sadly). Seyta is the Lady of Duchess Clothier. When she first opened her business in 2005, I was lucky enough to do my internship there helping her get the store open. (most fun). That was back when she made dresses and before the suits. Those days have long passed, and she once again has a store front, both in Portland and San Francisco. Last year I actually found one of her dresses at the Goodwill from my internship days. I may have gotten a little shrieky about it, but I brought it home and returned it to Setya. You should check out her showroom, regardless if you are in the market for a new suit or not, it's lovely.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - model : Alaina Mickes

Paper, Flour, Water is the artwork of the lovely Alaina Mickes. She creates wearable art, piñatas, and fun interior décor. Her most used medium is papier mâché, and she is also a talented painter and mixed media artist. She also does custom work, some of my favorites are her animal piñatas. Seen here on display at For Paws PDX. (both of whom generously donated to the Newberg Animal Shelter Friends fundraiser thanks ladies!!) I had such a hard time picking a photo of Alaina because she's too adorable. Please make sure to check her out at Crafty Wonderland this holiday season.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekend of Trunk Shows!

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me! At the same time I'm super excited to have all my goodies from this season on display, and see people try them on.

So if you are in Portland please come see me Friday night (10/7) at Union Rose with Seaworthy.
And if you are in Seattle please come see me Saturday night (10/8) at Veloura with Nikki Jacoby.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - model : Oliva Britz

Olivia Britz is one of the most talented artists I have ever met. She's also a tattoo artist. She had me sold at the Pee Wee Herman flash sheet. She's done most of the visible artwork on my body and one of those people that can get an idea out of my brain and on paper how my imagination wants it to look. She also let Sarah Giffrow and I dress her cat, Tuna, up like and take photos of it for no particular reason. do check out her blog for latest work, or go visit her at Fortune Tattoo.

Also for good measure - Tuna.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - Model : Courtney Rogers

So if you didn't know, my hometown is the small town of Newberg, Oregon. If you know where that is your first reaction may be "oooh Wine Country". Which is exciting as an adult, but not so much as a kid. Courtney and I are both are from Newberg. Her sister Meghan and I were in the same grade in school. While that part of my life is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier the older I get, I'm glad we connected for this shoot. Courtney is an amazing make-up artist, and as well a waxer. She also is MOBILE! Really, she will come to you, how cool is that. Check out her Facebook page : here. I've already got dibs on her doing make up for the upcoming Spring/Summer '11 shoot, so yay! Also I have to give her a huge thank you for the donation of a prize to the Newberg Animal Shelter Friends fundraiser.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - model : Tiffanee Bean

Tiffanee is the owner of one of the shops in Portland that I am so proud to have my line in - Mabel & Zora. If you haven't been inside, it's lovely. The shop is designed after a Doris Day movie, and they carry tons of lovely dresses, accessories, and yummy candles. Also be on the look out - Tiffanee is also a designer. Her line is sold at the shop under the label Tiffany Bean (yes different spelling).