Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanks for all the support!

Over the weekend I discovered I desperately needed to order more sew in Clair labels.

(the backside says "Handmade with <3 in PDX")

This may not be something all that exciting to everyone, but to me it marks around the 2,000th Clair garment mark. Daaaaaaang! That is a lot of clothing!

That being said, that is a lot of clothing that was made right here in Portland, Oregon. It makes me happy and proud to know that in the last 3 years I have contributed that many garments. (though my back and shoulder might still be pissed off about it).

So if you own some of my clothing, thank you. Thank you for shopping local, thank you for supporting independent businesses (shops), thank you for buying USA made goods, thank you for keeping a small business in business during a recession (me!), and thank you for looking cute in my clothes.

If you have any photos of you in Clair, send them my way: , I'd love to put them up on the Clair Facebook fan page.

Again, thanks for all the support! It keeps me working hard.


p.s. I just ordered 5,000 more labels, bring it on 2011!