Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bowlful of Heart 2011- HUGE success!

I have to say THANK YOU to every single person involved in this drive. I was shocked and amazed at how well it went!

Together we all collected 936lbs of pet food! (not to mention the Critter Cabana left the bin out in Newberg through the end of the month and it was full again!!)

Here are some photos and a dorky video from the drive. I took my car, the Beast Master, out for delivery on December 23rd.

Can't wait for the drive in 2012, and still in a little bit of awe at how generous people were.

Picking up at Salty's Cat and Dog Shop.

Here's the loot coming from Portland.

And here's after loading up from Newberg!

 The Beast Master may have hit low-rider status.