Friday, September 11, 2009

moving, moving, moving!

I have been a bit missing in action lately, and I hopefully will get a bit better at blogging soon. I am in my 3rd studio space for the year (last and BEST), and I also had to move apartments (never fun). I'm slowing getting settled and discovering all sorts of treasures I had forgotten about.

Here are some photos from studio #2, called "Pretty Dress Land". Carolyn and I were there for a short stint, just 2 months. The only reason we moved, is because the giant fabulous studio across the hall came available, and our awesome landlords offered to help us migrate. We moved in under 2 hours! Studio #3 is "Nashionland". We are still putting the finishing touches on it, and photos to come soon of that. (We have to hang the chandelier and get the velvet curtains up before photos!). So here is #2, and an empty #3.