Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Design Week Portland

What is this you may ask? I'm not 100% sure myself, aside from the fact that I'll be blabbering about making dresses in Portland.

Catch me, Carolyn Hart, and Lizz Basinger - all makers of clothing in Portland, at the Hazel Room on October 11th. Cassie Ridgeway of Mag Big is our moderator and question asker.

Cost: FREE. Sweet.


ALL THE GOINGS ON HERE. (and there are some really cool things all cheap and free!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I LOVE pictures

The only thing I like better than seeing people on the street wearing my clothes, is when they send me photos of them wearing my clothes. (you'd think after making clothing and selling it for like 8 years it would get old, but I still get excited!)

My friend Annick sent me this that she made after wearing her Unicorn dress today. I love it.

I had heard Nancy Hales (Portland Mayoral canidate Charlie Hales wife) had been shopping at Union Rose. Today she sent me the following photos of her wearing my dresses and told me the silk cowl floral was her favorite. Yay!
 Dawn Moothart (in a red Unicorn dress), amazing model Jillian Rabe, and Nancy Hales.
 Nancy Hales at the Brazilian textile meeting.
Nancy and Charlie Hales at the Elizabeth Cline event in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pink Carpet Project

I'm still so behind on blogging. It's gotten the point where I hardly have time to even make it to events. All good busy, but sleep is really getting pesky.

I was proud to particpate in the Pink Carpet Project - Portland.

Earlier this year when Komen pulled funding to Planned Parenthood I kind of lost my shit on them via several nasty letters, and was an active particpant in coating their facebook page with comments.  I will never participate in Race for the Cure again, and had been doing it for over a decade. I'm really glad that I did this event and got to hear firsthand from one of the models who works at an imaging place that provides women with mamograms with funds from Planned Parenthood, and how much it hurt them to pull that  funding. Also talking with several of the Planned Parenthood people about how much the show helped raise funds. Though the decision was reversed by Komen and funds have been restored, I won't participate with an organization that will let politics get in the way of women's health. And particularly those women who need the help the most.

This hits home as my grandmother died of breast cancer, my aunt is a strong double mastectomy survivor, and my mother, sister and I have all had (thankfully) benign lumps removed from our breasts.

Also I'd like to give a big F-YOU to cancer in general.

The show was the brainchild of Cameron Levin, and she put the event on in Seattle and then brought it down to Portland. It raised over $9,000 for Planned Parenhood and I'm so happy I could be a part of that!

Here are some runway shots from the show. I showed 5 looks from Spring/Summer '13. They were accompanied by lovely hat looks by my new friend Elizabeth Rolhoff.

Of course I have to put in the fun photobooth photos. (I'm getting to be a pro at this since there is one at damn near every party I got to. LOVE IT!)

And on the hunt for more photos I found this cute one of Eden Dawn, Elizabeth Mollo and myself.(and no I don't have a chest tattoo, it's a stick on one)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SP/SM '13 Teaser

We shot stock photos for the lookbook, and are going to do another fun webshoot with other local Portland ladies. Or entrepreneursesses as Sarah Giffrow likes to call them.

I can't resist showing just one image, and I am WAAAAY too excited about Spring dresses.