Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally! Some photos....

Last week I did a shoot with my lovely friend Nina and photographer Tyson Robichard. I have a few items ready to go to shops, and that is what we shot. We used my apartment as the location, since it was easy, and when we shoot the rest of the stuff, the setting will be the same. So here is what I have been working on. I will be taking the first delivery to Pin Me Apparel Tuesday evening, so items will be for sale this week. Yeah!!

One of my cats, Muku, makes his modeling debut. He's available for booking. Ha ha.

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Mathgeek said...

LOVE it! Where can I place an order? SERIOUSLY! Those tops are awesome(and look good with your bowdangle too)! I couldn't see the last pic, maybe it's my lame-o computer though. Can't wait to see the rest.