Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More to Love on Fox - I got some clothes on TV!

If you have a TV, and have been watching More To Love on Fox, you may have seen some of my clothes last night. My friend/model/artist/amazing stylist Boni is one of the contestants. In fact she is the only one who isn't crying a river of mascara and foundation.

Last night she had on my Slouchy No Muffin Top Skirt from my Fall 2009 collection.
(runway shot, photoshoot to come soon)

On Boni

And also the houndstooth NMT from Winter 2008. As seen on the model to the far right. Boni is the model in the center.

I haven't found a still, nor have I figured out how to make one. I'll post one up if I do.

Anyway, kind of neat, and nerdy moment at the same time. I get more excited seeing my clothes on people, then the runway.

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