Sunday, November 15, 2009

This moves me.

My friend Chelsea left the November issue of Glamour in my studio a few weeks ago. I am terrible about reading magazines, and I will let them pile up for months. I remembered seeing this photo online, and when it was orginally published in Glamour.
So, this evening while I was reading the November issue of the magazine, there was this follow up to the original photo in the letter from the editor.
The Woman on Page 194

This moves me. To see this in a magazine. This is a lady how she is. No photoshop. More of us look like this than not.

As a follow up the magazine ran this photo:

Along with this story - These bodies are beautiful.

I really hope that this publications, as well as others, will use a wider variety of models. Putting clothing on a size 0-4 model is easy. Fitting the rest of the world, and making it look good, is the hard part. It's one of my challenges, and it's also something I take pride in doing. I'd love to outfit those 7.

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