Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 - Do more good.

Happy New Year!

(approximately 23 days late)

2010 was a great year for so many different reasons. It really got me thinking about life, and how many good things I have. From all the fun things I get to do every day, to all the wonderful people I have around me, and the rad city I live in - Portland. This has inspired me to spread the good, and do more good things for people around me.

This actually started in November around the holiday season. I did not get gifts for anyone. Instead I did good things on behalf of others.

Adopting foster 4 kids in need for the holidays, and having some friends adopt some as well.

Rounding up food and supplies for my hometown shelter - Newberg Animal Shelter. With the help of some good friends, I was able to collect over 200lbs of pet food and shelter supplies!

I am also doing some fund raising volunteer work here in 2011. They are currently trying to build a new shelter to accommodate the growing population of Newberg and Yamhill County. You can donate here - Newberg Animal Shelter Friends or at least be BFF's with them on Facebook to keep up on fun events. Maybe you can help too?

The latest thing was the Bra Drive. Melanie had the idea to gather the bras, and Union Rose hosted our collection bin. Again with the help of good friends, and some great customers, we were able to gather 194 bras! That's 37lbs of bra. Our goal was a 100, and we pretty much blew that out of the water.

So if you have helped with any of those things - THANK YOU. Even a single bra made a difference. The things weren't hard for me to do, just had or helped with an idea and spread the word. I feel extremely fortunate to know so many wonderful people and have a good network both socially and professionally. I think the best part was the mass amount of each made a huge difference to the recipients.

Next month I'm doing something that frankly scares the crap out of me. The Polar Plunge - a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. This is the 3rd year one of my oldest friends Jenny is plunging into the frigid Columbia in February, under the name Team Iceholes. The first year I cheered her on, the second year I pussed out, this year I am doing it. (though this maybe my 1st and last year getting in the water) Our team fund raising goal is $1000. We're almost halfway there.

All that being said, I encourage you to do something good this year. Help out with Meals on Wheels, take a bag of pet food to a animal shelter, grab an extra box of tampons at Costco for a homeless shelter , donate some of your time to work at a charity (I love helping out with the FCCO spay and neuter clinics). Even if it is as simple as cleaning your closet or pantry and taking excess to a charity that helps those in need - it helps. Happy New Year!


LeahR said...

Curious- what did you do with the bras?

Alyson Clair said...

We donated them all to the Portland Rescue Mission. Here's the details and some info on the drive: