Thursday, May 24, 2012

Portland Monthly Magainze: Spring Fashion 2012

So like I've said, I'm not really sure where the first five months of the year went. I've been crazy busy, but the majority has been fun.

One of the many things I neglected to post about was being on the April 2012 Portland Monthly Magazine.

Here's a cute video about the shoot itself.

I'm lucky that I know the photographer, Brenden Coughlin, who's also my neighbor in my studio building.  So I have the hook up with nice fancy photo, aka, not the one my Dad took with his cell phone of the spread.

 And here's after color up, courtesy of Google Image Search.

 I think this ranks as #2 most exciting thing about making clothes. #1 most exciting thing is seeing people I don't know wearing something from my line. That will never ever get old.

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