Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet the other part of Clair Vintage Inspired

That would be my Dad. (He's also to thank for the rest of the Vintage Inspired on the name -  as the state of Oregon deemed just Clair too vague.) He does the stuff that makes my brains hurt, like balancing our accounts, delivering pretty dresses, and reminding me not to go too berserk on buying pretty fabrics.

I did something mean to him this week.

I made him go with me to the Fabric Depot.

In my defense I didn't know it was 35% off coupon day. AKA sharp elbow Friday. I ran out of a small amount of lining and always puruse the outdoor and yard sales for goodies. (Like $1.50 thread cones, yeah!)

The few times a year I'll buy fabric from a retail outlet, it's all of it. Anything on the bolt and anything in the back. We filled a cart at the outdoor sale and then I left him in line to get it all counted while I went inside to finish the treasure hunt.  He found me about an hour later and a little traumatized. Apparenly he now knows what it's like to get the stank-eye from multiple senior citizens buying 1/8" yard cuts of quilting fabrics.

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