Saturday, September 15, 2012

I LOVE pictures

The only thing I like better than seeing people on the street wearing my clothes, is when they send me photos of them wearing my clothes. (you'd think after making clothing and selling it for like 8 years it would get old, but I still get excited!)

My friend Annick sent me this that she made after wearing her Unicorn dress today. I love it.

I had heard Nancy Hales (Portland Mayoral canidate Charlie Hales wife) had been shopping at Union Rose. Today she sent me the following photos of her wearing my dresses and told me the silk cowl floral was her favorite. Yay!
 Dawn Moothart (in a red Unicorn dress), amazing model Jillian Rabe, and Nancy Hales.
 Nancy Hales at the Brazilian textile meeting.
Nancy and Charlie Hales at the Elizabeth Cline event in Portland, Oregon.

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