Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey! Curvey girls! Where are you?

I do try to fit every shape and size. This fall I have noticed that my Large and X-large sizes are not moving as fast as they usually do. My Large is usually 12-14 and my X-Large is a 16-18. I will ALWAYS make these sizes, because I feel it extremely important to fit this demographic. I can also go larger if needed, please message me about a larger size if you would like it. If I have fabric I would LOVE to make one just for you.

Also, I have begun making XS as well. If you go into a shop and they do not have your size, please let me know. I can usually get one for you if it is in stock.

Other fall news:

- The Ahoy! Dress in Rust print is now SOLD OUT.
- The 9 to 5 Blouse in Polka Dot is selling fast. So if you want to get your hands on one do so soon. (It looks great with a sweater vest).

I shot my Winter/Holiday items this last weekend with Ron Hope. The shoot went fantastic, and I hope to have photos up soon, and items in stores before Thanksgiving. Holiday dresses anyone?

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Mathgeek said...

I WISH I had curves! It's so good that you are sticking to your principles! I have friends who wear those sizes and they are sick of only finding stylish stuff in their size at a certain store with initials LB. Boutique shopping should be for everyone, not just the size 2 girls! Congrats on the rust dress success, that one was my favorite too!