Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attempting to step outside my own box....a little.

Yesterday Carter (click this to see her esty store) and I made a day trip up to Seattle for the NW Fabric Show. I was excited because one of my favorite jobbers was there, and I totally scored some super sweet fabrics for late Summer/Fall. I also decided to step out of my box a little and get some silks. The prints on them are amazing, and I just got enough to do a few garments and see how people react to them. I am also going to delve into a bit of scarf making. Not the winter variety, the lovely tie in your hair, and around your neck kind.

I realized that I haven't been much for posting photos lately. That is because my poor camera is on the fritz. Hopefully it's something simple, like a bad battery. I will investigate today

Off to sewing spring, which should be in stores this week. Please support your local economy, and SHOP LOCAL!

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