Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bargain Hunting - This Sunday! Here are my tips...

So if you don't have this in your day planner, enter it in now.

If you haven't been before, like to shop local, and get good deals - THIS SALE IS FOR YOU! It's also a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of the designers who labor behind the things you love. I know for me this the ONLY time I sell to the public, and am usually completely behind the scenes. (well aside from fun trunk shows a couple times a year, but I get to drink wine and hang out at those).

Please check out the website for the entire list of vendors, and a nice feature they have been doing on several of them on the main page - Bargain Hunting PDX

If I wasn't working this gig, I would so be at it, shopping away with mimosa in had. Yes, you can shop and have cocktails or iced tea at this event. Sweet!

So here are my tips on shopping the sale:

1. Leggings and a tank top are going to be your best friend. (throw a dress over if you need) There are dressing rooms if you do need to change, but if you can pop tops on over your tank, or try on a skirt super quick it saves time and you can get more done. (I'm a power shopper myself and often opt for this method thrift shopping). There are lots of mirrors out on the floor too.

2. Get there early. If you feel brave even a little before the doors open. There will be a line, but it moves quick, and the sale is on two floors. If you are going for specific vendors - check them first for best selection. I am bringing a lot of one of a kind or very short run things. I have a lot of sizes, but not a lot of things in all sizes.

3. Bring a tote bag! You never know what you will find, large or small. I'm bringing shopping bags for purchases, but I've seen people leave the sale with their arms bundleded with their new treasures.

4. Bring Cash. I say that because not everyone has credit cards services at the sale. Clair Vintage Inspired will accept the following: cash money, local checks, and credit cards!

5. Relax and have fun! You can troll around with your drink and scope things out. It can be a lot of people, but it's lots of fun people who love shopping local! Also- please note, I don't have any crazy last minute deals, I just have crazy cheap prices. Some vendors do when 4pm rolls around.

6. Don't forget to sign up with the Supportland booth - They are doing give aways!! I will be participating in this, so you could win a Clair item.

And lastly - my pricing is so low I am not publishing it. It's less than wholesale is all I am going to say. I don't often do this sale, as I don't usually have enough items to bring. Come see me. If you wear something Clair, I'll try to take your photo for my FB page. Hope to see you on Sunday! xo


Estate said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could go. I wore my Clair dress on Wednesday and got SO MANY compliments on it. Beautiful clothing Clair!

Alyson Clair said...

Oh yay! Please send me a photo, I love seeing people in their dresses. :)