Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - Model : Kira Pinksi

I love Kira. I met her in 2007 doing my first Clair Vintage Inspired fashion show at the Oregon Live 10 year anniversary party. She mistook me for one of the models (imagine my shock) and wanted to make my hair pretty. So I let her. I've been seeing her for gettin' my hair did ever since. She did my wedding hair last fall, and shore my 10" of hair for Locks of Love this spring.

One of things I enjoy about her so much is her energy. She LOVES doing hair as much as I LOVE making dresses. So she's super fun to go see, and meticulous about making your hair pretty. (plus we giggle a lot so it's super fun.)

She's at Salon Capelli, and you can her work here.

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