Monday, October 3, 2011

Clair Fall/Winter 2011 - Model : Courtney Rogers

So if you didn't know, my hometown is the small town of Newberg, Oregon. If you know where that is your first reaction may be "oooh Wine Country". Which is exciting as an adult, but not so much as a kid. Courtney and I are both are from Newberg. Her sister Meghan and I were in the same grade in school. While that part of my life is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier the older I get, I'm glad we connected for this shoot. Courtney is an amazing make-up artist, and as well a waxer. She also is MOBILE! Really, she will come to you, how cool is that. Check out her Facebook page : here. I've already got dibs on her doing make up for the upcoming Spring/Summer '11 shoot, so yay! Also I have to give her a huge thank you for the donation of a prize to the Newberg Animal Shelter Friends fundraiser.

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