Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving Studios

So exciting news! Carolyn and I have upgraded our studio space and added another pal, Rita from Hubris Apparel.

Sunday before last was painting day in the new space. We had a black wall to cover and then some floor painting to do. (previous was a white floor, YUCK).
 Our landlord is SUPER awesome and made us a pretty picture of how the layout could look.

My Dad, Jann and Rita got all the pallet racking in on Wednesday and we had to move the racking around since there was a pesky pipe in the way above the proposed wall.

Here's me and Carolyn doing our Glamor Shots poses in front of our cut table. Which now looks TINY!

The pallet racking kind of looks like our new jungle gym.

Then the boys helped move the machines and re-hang our shelves.
(sorry for the blur, I was trying to be covert as they do not like their photos taken.)

More photos to come. It's still kind of a mess, but it will be super pretty soon!

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