Thursday, November 29, 2012

DoveAdore Featuring Boutiques Unleased

As always I'm behind on blogging. These are some photos I am EXCITED about.

My own little guy Max made his runway debut at this years Dove Lewis benefit show. He's a senior little fellow that we rescued from wonderful second chance dog rescue Hopes Haven about a year and a half ago. Actually he's a "foster failure", a foster dog that you end up keeping. I think we told them he was ours just a few days into it because I fell madly in love with his sweet little face.

 Backstage, in the green room (above) and during rehearsal (below).

The only thing I was bummed about the show, was the lack of close ups of the doggie outfits. Not only did I dress Max, but another adorable terrier named Timmy. Here is is walking with one of my holiday dresses.

Here are Max and Sarah Giffrow on the runway!
 Max was super popular and had a TON of admirers as we exited the building. Almost everyone stopped to pet him. 
He was so tired the next day this was pretty much is only pose.
And in complete randomness, here is me giving Rojo, the pet therapy llama a carrot. If you didn't know I actually grew up on a llama farm. So it's always nice to see one now and again.

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